1001 Reasons Why You Should Get The Vaccine!

If you’re ready to get your vaccine, just spend a few moments browsing through the fantastic reports people have been sending back about how they feel, now that they can experience their post-vaccine mask wearing and social distancing joys.

Bear in mind, we needed to give it to the old poeple first, because they need protecting the most. A lot of their familiy members have helped build good reports of the progress made by these front-line heroes.

I love you all. Really, I do.

Even the stupid amongst you. I can call you stupid, because I’ve been stupid myself, with other stupid people. Thankfully, over time, I came to understand they were stupid and I was becoming less stupid. The only reason this happened to me is because I had a strong inner sense that I could hear loud enough in my mind, that told me to stop hanging around and listening to stupid people. For some reason this sense told me this repeatedly through-out my life.

Every day since, I’ve become less stupid.

That doesn’t mean I don’t still make stupid mistakes.

However, as I spent more time around less stupid people, I learnt more and more about the reasons why stupidity exists and came to understand that people aren’t really ‘stupid’ but desperately trapped in specific view of reality.

A reality of their own choosing – from their own experience and understanding – that was probably, largely, force-fed into their heads by a dominant culture of persuasion, distraction, manipulation, consumption, mis-education, entertainment and illusion.

Enter Bill Gates & Dr? Fauci and the pseudo-medical industrial complex – politics, greed and power playing medicine, on a scale like never before.

A toxic and deadly mix for the small percentage of people (who take it). Remember, MODERNA call it a ‘programming platform’ or ‘operating system’ (not a vaccine – because that’d be technically and definitively incorrect).

If you survive Covid-2021 (the first Gates release of his new hardware-programming software) with your first shot, then you wait to see what kind of conflicts and hardware errors the second update (probably called Covid-2021-Winter-Edition) will create. The two are almost certainly designed to interact with each other – a pathogenic primer followed by an “interactive experience”.

And with so many varieties of hardware available to run these new DNA-changing programmes – we’ll be able to “build in obscelesence” to the undesireable (human, biological) models – ensuring they get resigned to the scrap heap first – especially the slower-moving, easier to pin down ones.

Don’t forget the wonderful new nano-bots we have for “internal medical regulation”. The Internet Of Bodies sounds awesome if you want to be Robocop.

Just imagine using your own body as the network to allow these little nano-doctor-critters to communicate around your body with your own electric energy?! Marvellous!!

Activated by 5G maybe? Who knows? Science is so wonderfully magical.

Sorry, am I rambling now?

Here’s all those reports post-vaccine from around the world – personal testimony always seems a bit more “real” somehow:

Covid Vaccine Testimonies (PDF 117MB – over 90 pages of first-hand vaccine successes – every single one was vaccinated).