Glastonbury’s Unwitting Gatekeepers Of Destruction

Interviews with famous Glastonbury Gate-Keepers – self-appointed, unrepresentative technicians of the narrative

“You don’t need gate-keepers or guards at the Gates of Hell, as there’s no-one inside alive to protect”

“Normul For Glastonbury” – free & paid membership site featuring the banal quaffings of vanity blogger and play-it-straight opportunist, Sticki Veward

Sticki sat down with me one day to explain her personal story and philosophy.

“Here’s one thing that might happen to you if you come to visit or live in Glastonbury…

You have an awakening of sorts and begin to delve into the murky depths of your own psychology, thereby potentially eliciting an outward embodiment, as you begin to deconstruct the psychological nature of pain, patterns and illusion that have shaped your sense of self and driven your ego. Some may describe it as opening the so-called ‘third eye’ , others ‘waking up’ or ‘awakening’ – I like to call it the endless search for truth, as long as I don’t have to actually do anything about actually uncovering any, especially within myself.

Some folk traverse this area with skill and grace and humility, others collapse, crumble, act crazy, lose their minds, vilify their fellow community members, get angry, project and externailise their fear and dysfuntion readily, become dark beasts of turmoil – and a whole spectrum of possibility in between… I choose defiant censoring and blanking of those I don’t agree with, including people I pretend are my friends and who actually might have my interests at heart.

Most average folk, like me however, engage with a cyncial distance and distrust, internalised deeply within my sense of ridicule, disdain and mockery, which I’ve skillfully sublimated into my personality so that I sound authoratative or well-considered – when in fact, I’m motivated by pretty basic instincts – I want to be loved, liked, and be validated, and not being the sparkliest bubble in the bubble-bath, I have to try extra hard to maintain peoples’ interest.

I don’t have a massive skillset – I don’t really bring much to a conversation except a fleeting excerpt of psuedo-wisdom or placatory small-chat-quip to try and appear involved and caring, whilst secretly thinking what a dick this person is, but i can usually find an angle on it all that most people will find…oh ha ha ha…mildly amusing so I saw a QUIDS-IN opportunity.

In fact, there’s a lot to be said about middle-of-the-road, I’ve hung out with rockstars, celebs, hippies, execs, bums, drunks, intellectuals and politicians – garnered plenty of brownie-points for name dropping and self-importance BUT BY GOD, I’ll never be seen actually participating in this progressive internal work – I’m happy to sit back, quaff at its peculiarities whilst not really embracing what Glastonbury fully has to offer or indeed, doing the necessary personal introspective work to improve myself and be of genuine service to my community. Sure – I promote Glastonbury for the tourists – but now that tourism is dead in town and everything is being slowly deconstructed and exterminated, I’m finding more creative ways to make cash and I do help others in local community projects, those amazing community artists and activists who are now basically completely silent and have had their living stripped away.

Proof of this is easy to find – as you’ll notice through-out my entire catalogue of output, I’ve focussed heavily on revenue-maximising and my income-stream attenuation is better than it ever has been. I really honed in on milking every possible last drop out of my unique position of happening to know an awful lot of people and being able to string a set of concepts together that would appeal to your average Joe. Thank god most of them have tolerated my presence in this community without strangling me!!

I realised during the lockdown that, instead of embracing a long established culture of alterntive and free-thinking and deep investigative questioning that Glastonbury definitely hosts regularly (and I choose to under-represent because I secretly mock it and most who involve themselves), I would simply parrot the narrative being fed to us by our Government and local authorities, despite numerous warnings from my ‘conspiracy’ ex-friends (haha, those wonderful nutters) that this was a plot to destroy my community.

I realised PATRONISING my readership, by telling them not to come to Glastonbury during lockdown for ANY sacred or religious reason or event and treat them like they are fucking morons who can’t make decisions for themselves or factor in their own intelligence or discernment, was the best way to maintain my broadest appeal. I was so pleased that no-one actually noticed that!! Bleating the narrative in an uninformed stupor…priceless! Cash guaranteed to continue flowing into my coffers!!!

Hurray for journalism! Long live the investigative spirit.

There’s more fear-loving sheep out there and they’ve got cash!! Why would I want to scare them away with ridiculous conspiracies like the lock-down not really lasting 3 weeks but indefinitely until we’ve all taken an experimental, untested, genetically-modifying, operation system, programming platform (see Moderna’s website for that description) that is so ‘pioneering’ it’s not even technically a ‘vaccine’?!

It was just obvious that if I release a bunch of boot-licking, placatory stuff during lockdown that increased my earning potential, I would seal my position in the New World Order and when Glastonbury is totally locked down in a fascist flash-back State, I can hide away in my bunker with my MFG tea mug (just £9.99 get one now) and smile smugly to myself at how well I did that.

Meanwhile, as my fellow community members stood in line to get their experiemental vaccines, the destruction of our society obvious, the death being caused by the social damage of lock-down and the devastating life-long effects of financial, social and educational extermination in my home town, I decided to keep towing the line and write another moronic title about going for a walk in the fog. It’s a good thing I can use a camera because my output would otherwise be pretty sketchy and uninteresting.

I don’t know, sometimes I just can’t bring myself to be honest, so I continue to tow a political line that borders on the terminally apathetic.

It’s wonderful to extol the virtues of this enlightening town whilst simulatneously further catalysing its certain death and towing the narrative through fearful ignorance of what’s actually going on.

I mean, if I were to actually draw upon the rich resource of truth seekers and progressive thinkers/researchers who actually live around here, I’d find myself challenged in all sorts of uncomfortable ways – cognitive dissonance, denial, censorship and exclusion of those who seek to uncover hard-to-find, difficult to process truths. They’ve done all that hard work for me, put themselves through misery to understand, deconstruct and process the depths of human depravity and satanic evil and the corruption prolific through-out history and modern society.

They’ve overcome deep existential anguish and sadness, and battled the dark forces to re-find empathy, love and open-heartedness to bring the truth to the people, so I can sit back and enjoy the show on my 82″ widescreen and blog about how nice the fairies look in the window of the High Street shops.

Anyway, I’ve learnt a lot from the Facebook echo-chamber experiment and really didn’t expect to be able to capitalise so easily on writing such average stuff…but let’s face it, sucking off the great Corporate tit is where it’s at!

I look forward to the coming years of continued attraction to my skin-deep superficiality and marketable averageness.

Oh, and “the second round of the vaccine will have people dropping like flies – the first was just a primer that works in combination with the 2nd, to create a massive toxic shock. That’s what happens when you put a computer programmer with no medical experience what-so-ever in charge of world health. That’s just one of the apps they can load into their new biological operating system.”

I told my conspiracy ex-friend to fuck off. I ignore him now.”

Visit Sticki’s site at nobholeforglastonbury.fu

Glastonbury Onloan & Glastonbury Notishboard – Hapel Zegg

There’s a website –

It’s ok, it’s does a thing, performs a function, it makes a small amount of income, all good and groovy, been around a good long while no real criticism.

There’s an online newsletter for Glastonbury announcements at called Glastonbury Noticeboard.

However, the power-house of gender-questionable, Marxist leader Zegg behind its moderation, is something to behold. Hapel has been at the wheel for a good long while – well-known around town for her fiery attitude, argumentative stance, bullish demeanour, impossible bad breath (the previous were mostly made up but co-incidentally true) and wholesale censorship of anything she deems inapproriate. We’re talking sepcifically about Glastonbury Notishboard on the GROUPS.IO channel after it was moved from Yahoo when they shut down their groups service.

Hapel has long history on involvement with online groups about Glastonbury and also Nominet, the UK domain registration authority, where she holds some position of influence.

GWELLS was a notorious online Yahoo Group almost always steeped in some controversy or argument – so much so, that you would think the problems followed Hapel wherever she resided.

There were numerous discussions of censorship, politics, free speech etc. etc. but Hapel shut this group down after much contention and bickering in town and it has never been resurrected.

Meanwhile, over on – the Noticeboard sevres as a popular and well-used facility for the community to share news and announcements.

However, several reports have come in over the last months of Hapel’s out-right censorship and refusal to approve ANY post that challenge the status-quo with regards to lock-down, viruses, destroying the town or strangling its population – despite OVERWHELMING evidence to the contrary – she is yet another pathetic, line-towing sociopath with no reason to exist except via the power she can exert upon others to mold the siutation to her liking and approval.

There is no reason for this other than self-protection and/or insidious politically-motivated silencing. Well-known for her Socialist-Marxist PC Leftist politics, it’s a shame that such a dangerous woman has taken such a position of influence over the free-flow of information within her community. She will be held up against the wall when the revolution comes and punished for her complicity in this madness. Pretty soon, there’ll be no-one left to advertise for on the site she runs – she doesn’t see the irony of what’s occuring, as she helps irreversibly push her home-town into a deep hell hole.

Shame on you, you dangerous woman. You are literally playing with peoples’ lives by closing off information vital to the survival of your community.

NOTE: No humans were harmed in the creation of this acerbic observation except those who continue to be uninformed by virtue of censorship such as the ‘Zegg Doctrine’.