Psychological Conspiracy Nutter In Full Bloom ‘ – “There are no lies”

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What is going on? Why does a lock-down suddenly mean that people, previously believed to be rational, articulate and informed have to start writing stuff that is so full of contradiction and well, bullshit, that it’s got to be called out?

Ok, let’s take the latest local example to cross the interwebs… It’s long but well worth the read.

It’s clear to see, there’s something missing in Willybum Loon’s latest newsletter musings on ‘anti-vaxxers’ and given that he’s an intelligent, well-versed, articulate character, the only conclusion to draw is that he KNOWS what he’s doing here. You can’t just stumble into blatant ignorance and ridiculous supposition without wanting to purposefully go there – for what potentially? To distract and subtly steer people away from the truth by trying to smear his ‘obvious target’ with a pathological, inherited trauma-sickness – to superficially explain away valid opposition to the vaccination ‘ideaology’.

FYI, I’m pro-choice, pro-safety and pro-full disclosure and anti-anything that breaks or coerces against these sensible and long-established precautionary, medical and legal principles.

The current ‘vaccine industry’ agenda does not fulfil ANY of these crucial criteria – which is a CRIME – and I know the truth about the actions and ideologies of Bill Gates and his huge range of long-standing pharmaceutical and vaccine-manufacturing cronies, all currently getting VERY rich from this exercise, whilst nearly everyones’ livelihood and social joy is stripped bare, whilst their elderly family members, and eventually most of us, are murdered as fascism attempts its world-wide communist-style Covid-Corporate-Technocracy-Coup.

Wilhelm Bloomstein’s (WB) original article is below with comments from us (AFG) interspersed.


WB – Evolutionary psychology provides an interesting perspective on the extreme attitudes around covid and vaccination. In my hometown of Glastonbury, the refuge of many hippies and escapees from mainstream culture, there has been uncomfortable tension in the High Street.

AFG – Well, evolutionary psychology doesn’t do this – HE is doing this – by extrapolation and the severe misrepresentation I will reveal.

WB – When old friends meet there is a pause as they tentatively wait to hear where the other stands. Almost without exception if one friend supports vaccination and the reality of covid, and the other does not, there will be unpleasant conflict.

AFG – Talk about setting up a situation to fail…basic attitude check?

Sounds like a much lighter form of conflict than the violence and brutality being dished out at the hands of the Police on the streets of bigger places in the UK, against people trying to exercise their God-given rights and practise their own intelligence and discernment.

Yes, Police brutality has always existed, but never in such a ‘full spectrum’ and unlawfully, indiscriminate way. I’ve got a fair collection of these sorts of videos now. All of them show a complete erosion of the fundamentals of lawful policing and it’s clear we’re in a very different place now.

Listen out for the tone of a hickory stick against a human skull in the first 2 seconds, hit from behind, full pelt.

WB – Tight-lipped passive aggressive or openly hostile. Personally I have been nervous sometimes to share that I have been vaccinated. I lose friends.

AFG – If you ‘believed’, or even had solid evidence, that the vaccine was dangerous to human health, it might be hard for you to hear people you care for, have potentially, unwittingly invited or initiated their own chemical death. 

When all it takes is a bit of attention to the matter of vaccine fraud and corporate murder, it’s no surprise that he becomes some sort of social fraud, and loses friends, through pretending to be stupid enough to go along with it all. People have bigger expectations of him than he does for himself.

Let’s face it, you’re unlikely to get in an argument with someone who eats daily at McDonalds (god forbid right?) because you can’t cope with the fact that they’re massively increasing their chances of premature death with junk food. So it’s fair to state, it’s everyone’s ‘free will’ guiding this process of navigating choice and this should be respected. We certainly shouldn’t be hostile if we want to share information. That’s maybe just a mode of being for a lot of people, frustration, fear, desperation – more so, it would seem, that this is a prerequisite in the ‘pro-vaxxers’ movement – especially when the BBC – Big Brainwashing Corporations – are telling you to hate “anti-vaxxers” and vilify and prejudice against them.

We should maybe overlook the way McDonalds advertises its food, and the fact that it should be legally culpable for the damage it does to human health and the environment, when it knows the products it is selling does not have the long-term health and happiness of its customers, or the planet, at heart. Countless whistleblowers have demonstrated the ruthless and unscrupulous practises of such food corporations and psychopathic corporations in general.

Fortunately for McDonalds, the business in historical precedent or truth doesn’t appeal to as many folk as a Big Mac.

What if Pfizer/Moderna/whom-so-ever realised that lying to people about their ‘vaccine’ and its ‘safety’ or ‘efficacy’ proved a great way to ensure profit and boost political power? Hmm…maybe he should look into that – there are, after all, countless recent historical examples and adjudicated cases, where gross negligence is as good as it gets.

WB – This conflict between two opposing worldviews is personal and political. It is a clash between trust and suspicion.

AFG – Well, let’s “celebrate diversity” by closing down the reasoning to two opposing forces at work – trust (or love) and suspicion (fear). Two fundamental things that drive a significant amount of our behaviour. So, it’s unlikely that the problem can be watered down to emotional characteristic in such a conclusive and emphatic way.

Nothing to do with facts/censorship/brain-washing/politics playing medicine/frustration at ignorance/sleeping blind sheeple or any of the other broad range of evidential strands.

I trust that he has been subject to over 60 years of cultural and social programming, so he’s either still subject to its effects or he knows full-well where the geo-political agenda is going and is a contributory change-agent to help push the agenda along.

Perhaps his geneology would reveal his ‘privileged origins’ – which he will later suggest offer him an advantage over the down-trodden ‘traumatised’ hostiles.

It’s important to note that the ‘New Age’ movement was part of the Tavistock Institute/Fabian Society/MKUltra/CIA manipulation programme – so there’s plenty of risk that snake oil salesmen appear in full new-age ceremonial garb.

I’m beginning to suspect he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

There are plenty of change-agents and false actors in this world of new-ageism who can distract and manipulate the casual participants, carve themselves out a niche and make a living out of the countless injured and tortured souls looking for some form of personal salvation or awakening from the cold, material realities of souless consumerism and spiritual degradation.

WB – From a political and democratic perspective anti-vaxxers must be heard.

AFG – From which perspective must they NOT be heard? Why not simply say “all voices and opinons, stories and versions of ‘perceptive truth’ must be heard, no-one should be silenced or censored?”
Cut to the root of the point here.

WB – It is always appropriate to be reminded of dangerous government and commercial manipulation. There has been so much of this in the past.

AFG – Funny how he draws the association between ‘anti-vaxxers’ and ‘being reminded of the dangerous government and commercial manipulations’ of the past.
Could it be that these ‘AV-ers’ are, therefore, familiar with Government and Commercial manipulations? Are they perhaps well-informed or studied on the mechanics and form of such abuses, hence having an attuned sense for similar actions?

Some of them, absolutely definitely are and their number is increasing rapidly. Perhaps many of them are hostile because they see ignorance as the greatest threat to human life and all these historical examples add up to something that should be noted by all who cherish life.

Any excuse to threaten, oppress or suppress another human being because due to your beliefs is obviously not acceptable. It’s a maxim in law – natural, common and even statute.

WB – (When I wrote the piece I did not know that ‘anti-vaxxer’ was considered a term of abuse. I meant  and mean it completely neutrally and with respect.)

AFG – I don’t know when he wrote the article originally, but that is very indicative of a lack of understanding of the current propaganda mechanisms being employed around the world against legitimate and deeply qualified scientists and medical professionals, who are raising ‘vaccine’ alarm bells world-wide.

Much like the term “anti-semite”, ‘anti-vaxxer’ is becoming the de facto label for discrediting, character-executing and shaming anyone who questions a specific narrative in a specific way. This shut down of free speech, including heavily-qualified medical professionals speaking out against the vaccine agenda, is a key marker in a fascist, pro-vaccine agenda, repeated numerous times in the past century and beyond.

WB – From the perspective of friendship they also must be heard.

AFG – Well, amen to that. Sounds like you’re not succeeding in understanding them, despite your listening. Or you’re just not listening and losing friends.

WB – Anti-vaxxers have strong and authentic emotions.

AFG – Another baseless, unsubstantiated assertion.
Authentic because they ‘deeply passionately believe’ in what they say? Or authentic because they recognise the seriousness of the situation and the power of the mind machine being employed here?

Pro-vaxxers, by this logic therefore, have weak, inauthentic emotions. Ironically, that’s probably true in the significant majority of cases.

WB – Whether what they assert is factual or opinion, their words clearly articulate strong feelings.

AFG – So is he saying it’s only being discussed in a ‘strong’ (hostile or passive-aggressive) way – so he hasn’t met an anti-vaxxer who can hold a calm, normal discussion about the contentious matter? I would suggest he spend more time seeking them out and then actually listening to them.

WB – It is respectful to acknowledge what they say and, even if we think their rationales are inaccurate, seek to understand.

AFG – Probably the most valid thing he’s said yet and pretty basic social etiquette. He could also explain why he thinks their rationale is inaccurate by putting forth his own evidence.

In 2020, during lockdown, he was in coversation with a friend and it was said to him “It’s so easy to see through the lies if you engage a small amount of critical thinking” – to which his reply was “There are no lies” (and with a smug smile walked on).

This is either wanton denial or an attempt to be deeply faux-altruistic and ‘spiritual’ about it all to save face and avoid a difficult conversation. There was no attempt at understanding in this response or engagement.

WB – Perhaps the perspective of anti-vaxxers is based in a legitimate instinct, a presentiment about the world and its state.

AFG – Well, it’s easy to observe that things have ‘happened’ in history that mirror what is happening now. Someone whose involved themselves with tireless study on the matters at hand, could easily legitimise having a ‘feeling’ about something going down in the near future. After all, behavioural psychology has given us these insights.

Are you saying instincts are legitimate or that what they inform is legitimate? What are illegitimate instincts?

A pigeon taps away at a stimulus to receive a pleasing reward…replace the pigeon with people, and have the experiment conducted by rich, powerful, greedy people using bait and distraction to blind their participants from becoming aware the experiment even exists, manipulating the natural desires of the animal.

Everyone who assesses the efficacy and safety of vaccines, and pretty much everything else too, has a presentiment about the world.

WB – Remember the wise elephants and other animals who can feel the coming of an earthquake or tsunami and move to higher ground. We are all creatures and capable of instincts and intuitions that ensure survival.

AFG – So, you’re in support of these legitimately instinctive anti-vaxxers who are employing intuitions to guide themselves (and others) away from danger. Nice one.

Evolutionary and archetypal psychology suggest that the way we think, feel and behave is often guided by the history of our species.

AFG – Certainly the core, fundamental aspects of human nature are driven by these. It would be foolish to suggest otherwise. Our history defines what we culturally are, based on what we’re born into. Archetypes are not naturally occuring in anything other than our stories, because they reflect the ‘archetypal’ nature of existence and experience and how they are symbolically conveyed and repeated.

WB – This is clear in how we act in relation to food, territory, status and connection with others.
More than that, there are evolutionary templates that guide our social behaviours and how we interpret life around us.

AFG – So it’s an evolving, changing template….great! Nothing is fixed in ‘archetypal stone’ then!

WB – These are archetypal patterns of action, thought and emotion.
They can be recognised in their repetition and how often they are played out. They are activated for example when people fall in love.

AFG – Isn’t that archetypal biology? You know about endorphins…

They exist archetypically between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, fans and charismatic leaders, and when people move in clans and crowds, in music festivals and marching to war.

AFG – Yawn…

There are also archetypal patterns related to the existential realities of survival.

AFG – That stands to reason, given that we’ve employed them for as long as forever to survive. Thery’re naturally going to become pretty installed in our way of being as being effective.

From the earliest days of humanity we were never far away from the harsh realities of competition and conflict for food, shelter and partners. We were also never far away from herd mentality and cruel, bullying sociopathic behaviour. Charismatic leaders and clans often wielded brutal power. The totalitarian cruelties, pogroms and genocides of the last one hundred years bear testimony to the ongoing reality of these group pathologies.

AFG – Yes, more specifically, ideaologies, that are still alive and well today and want to take his food, shelter and partners through charismatic leaders that display sociopathic, cruel & brutal mentality.

WB – No wonder then that many of us react archetypically to the covid pandemic and the vaccine programme. It is archetypically logical to perceive covid and its medical solutions as a horrific totalitarian plot to manipulate and enslave us.

AFG – So there’s the crux of his otherwise pointless ramble – ‘archetypal logic’ – explained so far in the context of observable, manipulable behaviour, driven by the lizard brain and hence the lower energetic centres’ instinct to survive. But then to extrapolate a deeply juxtapositional and complex human social concept like “horrific totalitarian plot to manipulate and enslave us” and pinning it simply on animalistic instinct is totally DEVIOUS and has no basis in causality or reality. This is toilet-paper psychology folks.

At best, he’s saying “stop being angry and learn to communicate calmly, then we can hold a proper discussion about the issues at hand”…

It stands to reason that if you see someone running towards a cliff edge to jump off believing they can fly, there’s only so many ways you’re going to want to approach that situation. If I run over and tackle them to the ground in time, I’ve taken that person’s ‘right to choose’ away, but saved their life believing it the right thing to do. If I stand still and shout to them to stop, they might still jump – their choice.

If I tell them they can fly, and then push them over the edge, that’s a different matter entirely. That’s a good enough metaphor for what FAUCI/GATES PHARMA is up to right now…

WB – This is an understandable response. We can see awful parallels in genocides and Nazi experiments.

AFG – Well, he said it right there. Speak again of on-going ideaologies permeating out through history to present-day, Operation Paperclip or Operation Mockingbird sound familiar?

WB – But not all of us have this suspicious response. Many of us have a more philosophical, patient and trusting reaction.

AFG – I’ll speak directly to ‘you’ now…

I take that as a euphamism for not interested in the details, don’t see or acknowledge the lies being fed out to the ‘general’ population and the well-rehearsed manipulation, either purposefully or because you’re genuinely are not aware that there is sufficient substantiated proof to SHOW that there is a genocidal and fascist ideaology driving the heart of the ‘pro-vaxxer’ movement.

And now the broader implications of you knowingly colluding with a deeper pro-Zionist, pro-Marxist, Communist Technocratic/Great Reset agenda.

Celebrate diversity indeed…all these anti-vaxxers stinking up your planet eh?

I mean, with such clear historical precedents, why would you not bother to look into it further? Did the ideaology that powered Bolshevism just die out? Is Communism not a thing these days? How does that still move and function in the modern world then – it beginning to look like you should know Herr Blomstein?

I suggest you don’t actually care and suffer the very same archetypal behaviour that in fact feeds the division you are experiencing. You would rather remain stoically meta-physical about it all and not get involved in the ‘street-brawl’ conversation, raising yourself above the archetypal animals who scrap and argue in the arena “below you”.

I don’t blame you, it’s totally unecessary to fight and argue to share information and having a difference of opinion need never cause a loss of ‘friendship’ – unless, of course, you turn out to be a nutter.

WB – I want to understand why folk separate into these two camps — those who fear totalitarian oppression and those who trust all will be well.

AFG – There you go again. Creating an abstract assumption that leads to a divisive and dichotomous conclusion. This just makes no sense if you follow it through.

So, you don’t fear totalitarian oppression – fair enough, just say that – perhaps even explain why.

Drawing these conclusions really is like saying the wheels on the car make it move forward, because you can see them turning and you’d vehemently deny the existence of an engine even though you can hear it chugging away.
Stop staring at the wheels.

WB – My intuition is that anti-vaxxers are influenced by an evolutionary and psychological inheritance of trauma and suffering.

AFG – What is this, a new bloom in intuitive, make-it-up-as-you-go science? What other methods of receiving trauma and suffering are there, if not as a result of our psychological and basically, historical, context?

Are ‘pro-vaxxers’ not influenced by these things? That sounds like unsubstantiated, elective bollocks.

Are you supporting the case that ‘anti-vaxxers’ must carry an ‘influence’ or ‘history’ of psychological trauma and suffering that they are subsequently ‘playing out’ by ‘aggressively’ positing ‘things about vaccines’ to others?

On the flip side, is it not possible to hold an anti-vaxxers stance and NOT be somehow evolutionarily or psychologically traumatised?
What happens if you’re an informed expert? Or a life-long professional researcher? Or must they be subject to the same emotional injuries?

Have ever tried painting the moon with a toothbrush? No? Well, that’s how the craters came to exist. Exactly – makes no fucking sense.

WBThey understandably and reasonably perceive government and vaccine programmes as symbols of terror and oppression.

AFG – Errr…ok…so now you’re supporting this statement as understandable (based on historical precedent and the behaviour of those invovled?) and reasonable as a perception. Thanks for clearing that up.

This is about the ONLY REAL thing you’ve said so far, except perhaps the bit about losing friends – just the suspicions now are somewhat confirmed.

They’re not just symbols, but direct consequences of the government programme. Inducing fear is psychological ‘terror’ – imprisoning healthy people is FASCIST oppression.

WB – I do not know why they carry this history.

AFG – You don’t need to clarify this – it’s already obvious you’re making it up.


WB – Perhaps it is genetically embedded. Perhaps it is inherited trauma. Or from a more Eastern perspective, past life trauma.

AFG – To suggest that it is unique to ‘anti-vaxxers’ is absurd. You don’t know, because it has no evidential or substantial basis on which to make such a claim – “perhaps” clearly means you have no idea.

Perhaps you are part of the evil cabal of pseudo-Jewish, Communo-Zionist psychopaths that want to rule the world OR you see them coming and want to boot-lick to save yourself.

Perhaps you are just a fairly above-average dude who aligns more with the old-school establishment views that have led you to become complacent or uninterested in things that would rock your paradigm at your ripe, comfortable age.


WB – And then there are those of us who accept the reality of covid, welcome vaccination and trust the systems at work here. Perhaps we are naïve.

AFG – I would suggest you are much further beyond naïve than you would care to elude. What exactly is your reality of Covid – you, and most of your family, should be dead by now – surely?! This killer virus that is exterminating cultural life as we know it.

You’ve no need to get your hands dirty, you can just stand back and remain resolutely philosophical about it all.

You’ve got countless friends to help you embrace the arduous task of examining the practical and historical realities of what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING for people in the ‘outside your head’ world. Shame so many of your devotees seem suckered in, entranced or sycophantily deluded by your ‘wise ruminations’ of an elementary school standard. Soooo disappointing….

WB – Certainly we would have seemed that way if we had had the same attitude to the holocaust or pogroms. But we assess this situation and feel and think differently to the anti-vaxxers.

AFG – There’s something soooo wrong about this statement – I think it’s the tediously repetitive, broad generalisation that has failed you here. You appear to not actually even KNOW whether you ASSESS anything DIFFERENTLY to anti-vaxxers, becasue there’s nothing of substance you’re offering here.

WB – My intuition here is that vaxxers are influenced by a more benevolent evolutionary history and carry less inherited trauma.

AFG – I can’t actually break this down enough here – but basically, NO.

It’s a sweeping generalisation that really discredits anything of use you might have said. That could be interpreted in so many ways.

You sound like a patronising snob (because you are one) lording over his Goyim – as if you’ve had the luxury of not suffering in the ways of ‘inherited trauma’, sounds like you’ve got some deep inherited prejudice?

Sorry, that intuitively smells like a theory of excremental proportion.

WB – Their feelings and thoughts are influenced by how families, clans and tribes care for each other, and how government and healthcare can work for the good of all.

AFG – It’s so devisive what you’ve written here. As if ‘anti-vaxxers’ are not capable of or interested in these things. Moronic suggestion.

Trying to draw things as black and white is just not going to work here.

WB – This is a simple binary model.
AFG – Ditto: 1’s and 0’s.

WB – On one side, understandable fear about the abuse of power.
AFG – So, you agree it’s understandable. Yet, you don’t understand – possibly because of this horrible over-simplification and attempt to subvert.

WB – On the other side, trust in humanity’s ability to organise for the public benefit.
AFG – Yikes – so as an ‘anti-vaxxer’, I have no trust in this? C’mon Wilhelm, this is bullshit. It appears to apply only to your very limited experience of ‘anti-vaxxers’…

WB – And of course there are many positions in between.
AFG – So, your binary model not quite as binary as you thought. Is this culturally marxist, trans-gender binary? Or 50 shades of grey binary?

WB – Maybe this model is way too simple.
AFG – At least, we agree somewhere. It’s like an infant crafting a plastacine turd

WB – Nevertheless I hope that it provides a framework for exploratory conversations, so that people involved in this conflict of worldviews may be able to step back and look more dispassionately and compassionately at their differences.

AFG – A framework based on false, baseless conclusion and foolish assumption. Yeah, good luck with the long-term effects of that conversation. Film yourself getting the next 10 vaccines, because I know you’re not that close-minded and uninformed, unless you really are.

This is tip-toeing around the issues that actually need to be discussed, half-baked psycho-babble positing divisive theories about why anti-vaxxers are somehow psychologically pre-dispositioned to attacking people who disagree with them about vaccines.

And there’s a clear ‘other side’ counter-narrative here to these ideas – how about the hostility levelled towards non-mask wearers, or non-vaccine desirers. Does it take a certain kind of archetypal dysfunction handed down by your ancestors to become an insensitive, mask-enforcing proto-Nazi, actively supporting the progressive, tip-toe tactic of removing all known human rights and freedoms and cultural identities?

I suppose all those 9-11 conspiracy nutters must all be deeply traumatised people too…those fully-qualified engineers and experienced firefighters and witnesses and pilots and explosives experts and actual witnesses…yeh, yeh, inherited trauma…what-the-fuck-ever….

If you, the reader, are still here and fuming at the thoughts conveyed herein, take some useful advice, turn off your TV, stop looking at the BBC news, or any mainstream source you trust, websites run by corporations or clear political, financial affiliations to corporations larger than 10 people or newspapers for unbiased clarification and betterment of your perspective, because you won’t get anything helpful from those places.

And stop subscribing to the crap pumped out by thought police and change agents, Zionist/Communist shills and the charlatans of Glastonbury.

And I’m pretty sure you know that already…..hmmm…must be my trauma that makes me suspicious. Damn those rational, substantiated fears.

Funnily enough, he ends his piece with:

Comment on the BOG? The Freudian irony is overwhelming, for that’s where this shit belongs.

No doubt, you’ll be shouting ‘anti-semite’ soon too. Hiding behind devisive labels, stealing ideas from people looking for clarity and truth. Despicable waste of cranial matter and a terrible waste of a good chance to actually change people for the better.