Freedom. What is it good for?

I don’t have much to say about the title picture…it speaks for itself.

It’s nice to hear intelligent, calm people talk about extremely important things.

People might have heard of the common law movement. It was just a small facet of a broader movement towards understanding the fraud in law and the justice system and indeed the fraud against the human being at birth, amongst a multitude of historical examinations.

If you already know a bit about it, you might enjoy this “Dummies Guide To Freedom” (pdf) – written for people in the UK and other commonwealth countries that have common law. If you don’t undrstand it, maybe it’s not your thing. I found it helpful to understand deeper concepts of divinity, sovereignty, law and justice.

You may also wish to further enlighten yourself as to why we’re the best slave our masters have ever had – we think we’re free, but we’re actually on a leash. We’re an insect pet to our masters. Welcome to our lives as long as we keep choosing it, in ignorant acquiesence.

Understanding Our Slavery (pdf) might be more your style, it approaches the various aspects of Government (US-oriented but applicable nearly everywhere currently) and a multitude of interesting insights and links.

I think it fair to say, we need a working justice system in every country, if we are to seek redress and justice for those who conspire against humanity and life.