Idiots Guide To Virtue Signalling

I know, I know, you’re chomping at the bit…its obvious! You’ve lost the overview, life is confusing, information from all sides, overload-city, people keeping their heads low because there’s a really scary story floating around.

Don’t worry, there’s ways to “dodge this” gracefully and perhaps even make a few quid on the side – thanks to our amazing “Idiots Guide To Virtue Signaling”. Be Neo in the Matrix movie, and side-step bullets of truth from sources that appear controversial or somewhat “anti-establishment”.

We must assume that standing outside your house, on a warm April 2020 evening, clattering the old steel soup pot with a wooden spoon and cheering jubilantly in an act of sheer tangible, palpable ‘support’ for the NHS wasn’t enough for you, 2021 has some pretty special offers in the coming months that are really going to help you slide along into that amazing paradigm you are helping to create for the future of all our* children.

One would hope that you’ve already engaged in the desired ‘panic-stricken’ act of protecting your family from the deadly virus they’ve been selling on TV, by wearing a mask at all times, paying special attention to ignore any contrary or non-BBC endorsed evidence to the contrary.

Presumably, holding intelligent discourse with people in supermarkets over all the things the TV and newspapers told you about Covid is now a little ‘yesterday’ and continually denying non-mask wearers a life of peace and self-autonomy has become somewhat tiresome.

Obviously, you’ve posted on Facefuck, Twitler and Instasham letting all your supine, fellow echo-chamber liberettes (called ‘friends’ on FB) know about how EASY it was to get your vaccine and especially how convenient the parking opportunities were.

And if you haven’t tried it yet, perhaps record yourself for YouTube, singing a popular song and changing some of the words to cleverly convince others, through the shallow veil of celebrity, into joining the great VAXPERIMENT.

Be sure to cash in on this shit-bucket of a profit fest by designing your own hand-stitched masks emblazoned with flaccid pseudo-sciencibabble like “I’m Saving Granny”or sell sticky tape to cars stopped at traffic lights, reminding them that the deadly virus could just be floating around the place and instruct them to seal their air vents, possible air leaks and windows with your reasonably priced, sterile adhesive band.

Finally, if you just can’t get enough, wear your self-righteous ring-piece of compelled-vaccination compliancy on your favourite social media channel around your half-paralysed, bloated, auto-immune reactive face and praise the gods of the NHS further whilst they continue to fill the hospitals with hot air.

Let’s all stand by as all those good doctors and nurses get the jab (I guess that disqualifies them from being a consumate, consciencious medical professional) and we can slowly watch the effects from the comfort of our locked-down homes. Imagine how great it’ll be to have all those trained staff to become the VARS data we need to show the vaccine only kills or seriously damages the unsurprisingly-significant minority (soon to be majority?) of people who take it.

Oh…and should the Vaxperiment turn out to have horrific consequences (and oh boy, it does – 100%) then you, the holy test subjects, will become the transmitter and vector of spreading a manufactured genetic attack on human biology, to all those unvaccinated, including women, who will subsequently become sterile.

So, wear that ring-piece of ‘Moloch’ with pride whilst you put the entire human race at risk with your ignorance and apathy.


* ‘our’ means not yours, but someone more worthy than you. You’re probably ok if you’re a Talmudic Jew or you part of the The Sabbatean-Frankist Cult