Is your medical fraudstering keeping you awake at night? Don’t worry, we’ll hack your way out of it…

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It appears the rabbit hole is not only deep but has many, many intersections and branches, leading to vast, new, sometimes undiscovered areas of the deep, dark world.

This testimony is fresh, on-going and will require legal action to bring to conclusion, but here it is. This is first-hand testimony from a friend. I have changed details or obfuscated identifying details as this is an on-going criminal investigation. It’s short and to the point, the fine detail is not important to convey the nature of the situation.

Sarah has an elederly mother, in her early eighties. She describes her mother as fit, lively, active, aerobic sport-capable and in basically pretty bloody good shape for a woman of her age.

Her mum, Iris, decided to get her first vaccine (brand known) a few weeks ago. Two days after, a vital organ started to fail to a critically low state (<20%). Iris was returned to hospital where a variety of ‘procedures’ were followed and drugs adminstered. Some days later, Iris finds herself at home.

Sarah then makes a request to the hospital to speak to the doctors about the state of the aforementioned organ, from the results of various tests, and the doctor eventually informed her that Iris’s organ function had “returned to 46%”. This seemed a strange reply to Sarah, as it was framed in such a way to suggest that a state had “returned”, therefore it must have been previously measured and noted.

On querying what the doctor meant by “returned to”, as there was no data about the organ’s functionality before she was admitted to hospital. The doctor at the hospital explained that according to Iris’s medical records, in May 2020, she had visited a GP and complained of a condition affecting her body (which I cannot specify for confidentiality’s sake) which would suggest the organ in question was already failing badly.

Sarah was shocked by this response for two reasons – 1. she already had an up-to-date copy of her mother’s records before the hopsitalisation and 2. her mother had not been to a doctor for 4 years prior to hospitalisation.

She knew, without hesitation, that this was not true.

She hung with out saying any more.

Obviously, the implications and context of this are potentially as follows:

1. The experimental medical interventions currently being pushed to the world’s population under the name of “vaccines” is actually causing massive damage to those who take it.

2. The reporting, storage and retrieval of patient data is now largely, if not almost completely digitally maintained on large networks, which are (I’m positing) run by the private sector (e.g. SECRO – see video below) or “in partnership” with the National Health Service. This exposes the data to a wide array of potentially insecure intervention points and possibly simply designed to provide ‘covert’ access.

3. To attempt to cover up the damaging and deadly effects of the vaccine, you could easily conclude that the above testimony is evidence of criminal fraud, medical fraud, invasion of private data, manipulation with intent to mislead. Alteration of personal medical records is a SERIOUS CRIMINAL MATTER and it appears to be going on.


If anyone hears of similar stories or testimonies, be quick to investigate if your elderly relative’s medical records have potentially been subject to similar manipulation. This would be a serious piece of the puzzle to sink the current deadly fraud being exacted upon the people of the world.

Please share your testimonies/investigations/experiences – confidentiality and anonymity is a given unless you explicitly instruct otherwise. Email:

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