Regurgalism At Its Best

Based on the true story of a support group in Glastonbury being broken up and the ‘organiser’ being issued a fine.

(you might wish to refer to yourself as a ‘convener’ in the future, to avoid falling into their world of word-spell magic).

The simple damned, insolent affront of telling a sovereign being that they are not free to exercise their reason and not hindered from choosing their own path in life, and gather with those who decide similarly, is well worthy of calling out – BECAUSE IT IS FASCISM! The Police can offer NO EVIDENCE or SUBSTANCE to their claim that you are putting anyone at risk of anything. Simply the act of gathering peacefully outlawed in this fast-approaching proto-Communist take-over.

Mind control has never been more obvious and apparent.

It’s time to hold those who give themselves so-called authority accountable for their UNLAWFUL and ILLEGAL actions. Governance and Policing is BY CONSENT, and these folk did not consent to this trespass upon them. We must unite and hold each other and the Police to account. We must reclaim the community spirit by first freeing our own from this life-long imposed conditioning of fear and compliance.

There is NO POWER ABOVE YOU other than GOD….and depending on how you interpret that story – you just simply are god-like – no authority above other than those you allow to be above you. You forgot how to say no, you’ve been beaten, abused, villified, crushed, silenced and convinced that you have no power.

That’s the problem with POWER, it CORRUPTS the already broken individual – that’s why WE MUST WIELD IT WITH GREAT WISDOM.

Take the local Glastonbury PCSOs. Self-important, boot-licking, incompetent, under-trained, bargain-basket Police spies in fancy dress with ZERO knowledge of the law and a penchant to get invovled in the controversies that invovle imposing their ill-gotten authority on anyone who is weak enough to accept it.

Do not fear OR RESPECT them (treat them as human beings in a bind, in need of a human upgrade) – they are like you, just plugged that bit further into the Matrix.

Anarchy means responsible self-governance, not chaos or unjustified violence – (Note: we must defend ourselves with reasonable force if our safety or lives are threatened – that would be justified violence!)

SO INFORM YOURSELVES – there’s plenty of places to look, that the main-stream media, corporate and political powers do not want you to see. Try browsing through BitChute or Odysee

Glastonbury – The Ancient Isle OF Avalon – UNITE IN STRONG, DETERMINED YET FIERCE LOVE!

UPDATE: The convener of said group has posted an update on YouTube

Thanks for update! Good citizen journalism!