Tick-Tock Tavistock (Guide to Healthy Awakening #1)

I want to inform. There’s something particularly instinctive about seeing someone head towards an imminently dangerous situation and gut-reacting to leap forward and save them.

I’ve tried to tell people about what this danger is – however, the power and experience, of those who have conditioned us with their historical and cultural narrative, is so strong that it takes a very particular personal desire and capability to approach something that means you’ve effectively got to dismantle your understanding of the world (and hence your own psyche) and be open enough and prepared to revise your perspective at great potential emotional discomfort and upheaval. Effective psychological support is required for many to enter into this process.

The problem lies in that it is a life-long unravelling because we’ve been conditioned all our lives to assume a general cultural narrative.

Most people stay in their comfort zones – we’ve spent our lives perfecting ways to avoid conflict, upheaval and stress, sometimes these defenses actually drive us to create drama on purpose, but often without an effective emotional healing process and usually simply serves only to exacerbate our situation. It also means we will defend our viewpoint with vociferous anger when challenged. Likewise, we’re creatures of inertia – we won’t change until our personal cirucmstances force us to revise our outlook and approach diffcult personal aspects that we’ve adopted that are no longer useful.

So how did this occur in the fisrt place? How did we, as a poeple, become so very focussed on a narrow perspective of life?

I would posit that we are damamged as children, taught to bury our feelings and are denied our natural emotional healing process from trauma. Slowly, we sublimate this damage into our personality and become the creatures of habit, comfort and dysfunction. There is, also, the broader cultural influence always at work in the background and this broader culture has changed immensely in the 20th century, largely due to the developments in communication and the ‘establishment’s’ understanding of crowd pyschology and manipulation and the shaping of the geo-political world in their favour.

The First World War was one of the greatest examples of propaganda usage to elicit a national/global movement towards war. This was near the beginning of a specific group known as the “Tavistock Institute” whose mission it was to slowly condition society to adopt a particular view or standpoint and act in a specified way. The intentions of this group, if not better understood, will show themselves to be pivotal in the slippery slide of our world into despotic, fascist chaos, from which will be born their idea of what the world should look like – and there’ll be no stopping it or reversing it.

If you’ve never really been interested in history, now is the time to start to look and I would suggest you start here – just 17 minutes of your life to open the door to the REAL truth of what is going on. Part of this Tavistock exercise is to blur the truth, obfuscate it beyond the vision of most people and this mechanism, perfected and refined over 100 years. It is so insidious that it is shocking to acknowledge, but the power of this knowledge will free you from its effects, though perhaps not immediately, you’ll be on the road to healing yourself from this intense trick of the mind that has left human-kind in turmoil for over a century and seeks to dominate us all in the future and make us all AGENTS who act unwittingly on their behalf.

I am no longer an agent of the power-dominance matrix, I have awoken to their trickery. Help yourself and all those you cherish by taking the time to understand this. All of this is available out there, it’s just not the mainstream.

You can read John Coleman’s early and definitve exposé of the Tavistock Institute online here

To learn more about how PR and Marketing developed into mass mind-manipulation and how refined it has become, there are two key documentary makers that disect this in great detail from a wide variety of angles – it might sometimes all seem inconsequential, reams of details, names and dates, projects and conspiracies of powerful people but eventually, if you listen well enough and take it on board, you’ll begin to slowly have all the pieces to put the jigsaw puzzle together. All of the content matter contained herein can be researched and verified independently.

Adam Curtis – The Century of Self and Hyper-Normalisation

Noam Chomsky – The Manufacturing Of Consent and Education For Whom And For What?

See also the short documentary below, A Virus Called Fear by Ben Fama Jr.