UK FAVE HOLIDAY DESTINATION: Costa Del Silencio – Silence is golden.

Look forward to Coersion, Threats, Unlawful Detention, Trespass, Kidnap and Enforced Imprisonment on your return!

Contract is king.

No-one has the right to compel you to do anything, unless you consent to it. Never sign anything.

Freedom must be lived.

Going on holiday this summer abroad? You might need to educate yourself in the concepts of sovereignty, consent and the UK “Crown-endorsed legal fiction” which is “fraudlent conversion” at birth. A crime against you indeed.

You may shrug that last sentence off, but you should be wary of your lack of vigilance.

You may face a similar experience on your return from holiday….expect to pay through the nose.

Unless you educate yourself.

Or watch your prison construct itself around you.

Time is short.